"At the risk of sounding cliche, I think I loved the very smell of Abacus. It smelled like home.....the tea from the kitchen, the salads, the buttermilk, the sandalwood , the materials in the workroom, the mats....the chowkis....the bare-feet walks on the corridors at noon.....in some beautiful way or should I say many wonderful ways..Abacus is unique!"
- Pavitra


Along with the children and teachers, parents' understanding and commitment contributes to the ethos of the school. The school invites parents to put aside time for involvement in their child's school and education.

The school would not want parents to act as consumers of a service nor does the school claim to know all the answers to the learning process. Parents are invited to support the goals of the school with reflectiveness and an inclination to ponder the impact and challenges of a modern urban environment on children.