"At the risk of sounding cliche, I think I loved the very smell of Abacus. It smelled like home.....the tea from the kitchen, the salads, the buttermilk, the sandalwood , the materials in the workroom, the mats....the chowkis....the bare-feet walks on the corridors at noon.....in some beautiful way or should I say many wonderful ways..Abacus is unique!"
- Pavitra


Along with the children and teachers, parents' understanding and commitment contributes to the ethos of the school. The school invites parents to put aside time for involvement in their child's school and education.

The school would not want parents to act as consumers of a service nor does the school claim to know all the answers to the learning process. Parents are invited to support the goals of the school with reflectiveness and an inclination to ponder the impact and challenges of a modern urban environment on children.

Fee Structure

Payments are to be made only by cheque in the name of ‘Abacus’.


Regular school attendance is important for your child. Please do not keep your child away from school unless there is a serious and valid reason. If you need permission for leave, please talk to the class teacher and send a letter well in advance.

It is required that you send your child to school from the first day of term. It is unsettling for the late-comers, the other children and for the teachers when a child is late for term. If, for some unavoidable reason, you cannot send your child to school on the first day you must notify the school in writing before the beginning of the term. If the school receives no such notification the child will automatically be removed from the rolls.

If you are being transferred and the child will be moving to another school, please inform us so that the child can be prepared for the change.

Please ensure that your address and telephone numbers, both residence and office, are kept updated in the school records. This will enable the school to get in touch with you without delay in case of need.


Children must be in school on time. Those who come late must get prior permission from the school or go back home.

Please do not pick up children while school is in session as this will disrupt their routine. It is equally important, of course, to pick up your child on time.

School Uniform

UniformThe children’s uniform is 100% cotton and designed for the comfort of the children. Uniforms are to be tailored at ‘Shangeetha’ Adyar Corner, Chennai – 20 who stock the material also.

The school uniform for
Cullottes and checked blouses (up to Class 6)
Trousers and checked blouses (from Class 7)
Shorts and checked shirts (up to Class 6)
Trousers and checked shirts (from Class 7)
White shoes & White socks
House Uniform
White shorts and House colour shirts (from Class 2)
House uniforms are worn on Mondays.

Please tailor new uniforms once the old ones fade or are outgrown. It is suggested that 3-4 sets are made twice a year so that children learn to dress smartly in neat clean clothes. Do not soak uniforms in water or dry in direct sunlight. Uniforms may be dried inside out.


Kindly inform us if your child is suffering from an allergy, is on any medication or is susceptible to asthma, diabetes or convulsions or any other problem requiring special care. Please inform the school if medicines are being sent to school with your child. In case your child is suffering from any infectious disease please keep him / her at home until the quarantine period is over.

Please send a light snack and drinking water as well as a change of clothes with your child. Please ensure that your child is aware of his / her toilet needs as diapers are not permitted in school. A good breakfast at home will prepare your child well for the school day. The snack can comprise of fruits, steamed vegetables, salads, nuts and dates. Once your child turns 4 ½, lunch may also be sent. Please send food which your child likes and in appropriate quantity so that s/he gets used to finishing what is sent. Quantity can be increased gradually if necessary. Non-vegetarian food can also be sent. Use baskets which are comfortable to carry and can be easily handled by the child. “Junk food”, aerated drinks or packaged off-the-shelf snacks may not be sent to school.

Lost & Found

Your child's belongings must be marked with his / her name. All the belongings left behind in school are put in the Lost & Found tray. If your child has lost anything please collect it immediately. In the last week of every term these items are displayed after which all unclaimed belongings are discarded.

Children find the Montessori material attractive and sometimes take bits and pieces home. If your child brings home any material from school (blocks, beads, etc) please send it back to school the next day. It is important that each set of material is complete in order to use it.

Reports and Tests

Tests are conducted from Class 7 upwards at the end of every term. A progress report of the child is given to parents at the end of each term.


Homework may be given to children to reinforce what is taught in class and give parents an opportunity to share in their child's work and be aware of what s/he is doing at school. Parents are requested to ensure that the child does his / her work regularly.