Being tearful after a student's touching speech of thanks to his teachers, learning a folk dance the students were trying to teach me My 4th grade creative writing class, Re-inventing Shakespeare with grade 10, And so much more! Thank you, everyone, for that amazing experience.
- Zai Whitaker [Former principal]

student activities

Sports Festival

The Sports Festival at Abacus is a three day event and includes various indoor and outdoor games, track and field events. Indoor games include carrom, chess and table tennis. Basketball, football, kho kho, cricket and badminton are the outdoor games. The field events that children participate in are cricket ball throw, shot-put, long jump and high jump. The track events include running races, relay races and hurdles.

The events for the children of the Elementary include obstacle races, running races, long jump, shot-put, carrom, chess and table tennis.

Results of Sports Festival


Class 2 Boys Samartha Trayambaka Satyajit Orion
Class 2 Girls Rhea Suresh Cassiopeia
  Raagini Bopanna Cassiopeia
Class 3 & 4 Boys Dhruv Achappa Orion
Class 3 & 4 Girls Adithi Jagadish Perseus
Class 5 & 6 Boys R.Sharath Shankar Perseus
Class 5 & 6 Girls Karthika Chandrakumar Andromeda
Class 7 & 8 Boys Akhil Manimurugan Orion
Class 7 & 8 Girls Tatyana Yin Flora Martinent Perseus
Class 9 & 10 Boys Siddharth David Orion
Class 9 & 10 Girls Gayathri Bhattathiri Cassiopeia
Class 11 & 12 Boys Sanad Ahamed Orion
Class 11 & 12 Girls Pratika Parvathi Gopinath Orion
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Class 2 Boys Aadav Manimurugan Orion
Class 2 Girls Subhasri.S Andromeda
Class 3 Boys Dhruv Achappa Orion
Class 3 Girls K.Vandana Andromeda
  M.S.Supreeta Orion
Class 4 Boys Mohammed Mussadiq Khan Andromeda
Class 4 Girls G.Shyama Perseus
Class 5 & 6 Boys Shiva Shyam Sundar Perseus
Class 5 & 6 Girls Tanisha Mootha Perseus
Class 7 & 8 Boys Aashiq Razee Andromeda
Class 7 & 8 Girls A.Kaavya Reddy Cassiopeia
Class 9 & 10 Boys Sanad Ahamed Orion
Class 9 & 10 Girls Pratika Parvathi Gopinath Orion
Class 11 & 12 Boys Kamesh Balasubramanian Cassiopeia
Class 11 & 12 Girls Roya Fereshteh Khaleeli Orion
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Open Day

On this day the children of the secondary display multi-disciplinary team projects and classes 11 & 12 do internships with external organizations. At the primary level, parents are invited to watch their children at work in their environment. Open Day projects are also displayed at the elementary level.

Inter house culturals

It happens on Children's Day and is organized by the students of Class 10. The children take part in various competitions such as dance, western music, costume designing, sandcastle, treasure hunt, cooking, best out of waste, ad-zap.


ConcertThe Annual Concert is a festive event scheduled towards the end of the academic year. It is a two day event and the primary, elementary and secondary concerts are showcased separately. During the concert, children display the skills they mastered through the performing arts classes. Performing arts for the Elementary and Secondary include Mridangam, Recorder, Kalaripayattu, Folk Dances, Music and Drums. The faculty for these classes are professionals in various fields like folk dance, theatre and music. All the children participate in the concert.

Interschool Culturals and Sports

Sports festivalAbacus participates in interschool culturals and sports on invitation. Students take part in various competitions like Debate, Drama Fest, Western Music, Lexicon, Photography, etc. They get a good exposure and enjoy the experience. The events Abacus participated in 2011-2012 are as follows.

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Click here to view the Interschool Cultural Events for 2011-2012

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ExcursionsChildren in the Primary and Elementary go on excursions every term. These trips are explorations of resources outside the classroom, known as "going out" in the Elementary, where the children themselves plan and coordinate the outings. The children of the Secondary also go on field trips that help them experience the knowledge gained from books and once a year visit out station destinations.

Outstation Excursions 2012-2013

Classes 5 & 6 Yercaud 5th to 9th Sept
Classes 7 & 8 Munnar 7th to 12th Sept
Classes 9 & 10 Valley of Flowers National Park, Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve 7th to 15th Sept
Classes 11 & 12 Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve 7th to 12th Sept

Editorial Board

The editorial team compiles articles from all sections of the school and bring forth the Abacus Express which is the school magazine.

Editorial Board 2012-2013

Ananya Trishya
Pallavi Arundhati
Tatyana Smruti
Dyuti Diya
Sushmitha Sucharita
Sudharshan Shrishti
Shaan Meenakshi
Sriram Meghna

Workshops for children

Aptitude & Career Counseling Program was conducted for children of Class 10 and their parents, by Bodhi Organizational and People Development Consultants Pvt Ltd, to help the children choose their subjects for Classes 11 & 12. The programme included psychometric testing and one on one counseling.

Group Counseling sessions for boys and girls from classes 6 to 12 was conducted by Magdalene Jeyarathnam, Center for Counseling Training & Services

K E Chandana, Shrinidhi Madhusudan, Vishal Onkhar and Mokshaa Akkamma Kuttayya of Class 12 took part in a Mathematics Workshop at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CIT Campus, Chennai.

A workshop on 'Role of Leaders, Leadership Styles and Conflict Resolution', was conducted for the Student Council.

Transition Workshop - For class VII children regarding transition from the Elementary section to the Secondary Section.

'Learning Strengths' - a workshop for Class VI children in the Elementary section.