Being tearful after a student's touching speech of thanks to his teachers, learning a folk dance the students were trying to teach me My 4th grade creative writing class, Re-inventing Shakespeare with grade 10, And so much more! Thank you, everyone, for that amazing experience.
- Zai Whitaker [Former principal]

student council


All children belong to one of 4 different houses which are Orion, Andromeda, Perseus and Cassiopeia. Competition among these houses is quite intense during the Sports Festival and Inter House Culturals.

Every year the children of Abacus elect their Captains and Vice-captains to form the Student Council. The objective of the Student Council is to participate in school policy decision making, suggesting the direction in which the school could move.

Student Council 2012-2013

Shrinidhi Madhusudan School Pupil Leader
Mokshaa Akkamma Kuttayya Culturals Secretary
Sanad Ahamed Sports Secretary
  Andromeda Cassiopeia Orion Perseus
Captains A. J. Fahad Zaid Ul Razack Joseph Prabhakaran Moses Pratika Parvathi Gopinath Sriram B.Kasilingam
Vice-captains Shree Varshni G Gayathri Bhattathiri Siddharth David Athul Aravind