Our first annual day and Skanda as the Big bad wolf! Sophie singing Hush a bye baby swinging her doll with one hand!! And all those other annual Days - Dipti Rastogi, standing on the stage, dressed as Red Riding Hood and telling Shobhana, "Shobhana Aunty, I am so tired of telling Red Riding Hood. Can I say another story?" Doing the annual days away from school at Sitrarangam - Ayan as Santa Claus coming on stage with a plate of cake just as his group was singing "Santa is coming to town".
- Mrs Uma Shankar

how we are organized

Age and Classes

Children in Primary and Elementary work in mixed age environments in the Montessori Method. Children enter the Primary upon completion of 2 years and 6 months of age and must complete 6 years of age to enter Elementary. The Younger Elementary children are between the ages of 6 and 9 years and the Older Elementary between 9 and 12 years.

Classes 7 upwards comprise the Secondary and Higher Secondary section. The syllabus followed for classes 9 - 12 is prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and prepares children for the public examinations held at the end of Class 10 and Class 12.

Time Table

In the Primary and Elementary, children follow two to three-hour work cycles of individual activity in the morning and in the afternoon. In the Primary they can choose work from different areas including Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Culture. In the Elementary, they work in the areas of Languages, Math and Cosmic Education.

The subjects offered in the Secondary are English, Hindi, Tamil, History, Geography, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The children can choose between Computer Applications and Art. Class 7 and 8 are each organised as Montessori environments with small group presentations.

How we are organizeIn the Higher Secondary [Classes 11 and 12] children can choose four electives from a wide range of subject in addition to English which is compulsory. They can create their own group of subjects that will meet their aptitude and interests and allow for the broadest opportunities going into College. The subjects presently on offer are Math, Elective English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Computer Science, Business Studies, Commerce, Accounts, History, Political Science, Economics, Environmental Science and Art.

Special classes are held for all children from the Elementary school upwards in the Performing Arts. The faculty for these classes are professionals in various fields like Folk Dance, Theatre and Music. The children of the Higher Secondary work on a theatre production through the year all aspects of which are learnt by them including costume sets and sound and light and as actors.

How we are organizeClubs include Film and Music Appreciation, Debating, Radio, Science Club, Parkour, and News Club.

Physical Education comprises athletics, team games, indoor games, and coaching in football and basketball.


The academic year is divided into 2 semesters – March to September and October to February. The working days are divided into 3 terms of 13 weeks each, interspersed by vacations. In general, the school observes Government holidays up to a maximum of 10 days per year. Abacus follows a five day week, Monday to Friday.


Office 8.15 a.m - 4.15 p.m
Primary - 2 1/2 - 4 8.45 a.m - 11.45 a.m
Primary - 4 - 6 8.45 a.m - 2.45 p.m
Elementary 8.45 a.m - 2.45 p.m
Secondary 8.15 a.m - 3.40 p.m