Abacus believes that children should be given the opportunity to choose and direct their own learning and together make ground rules for the group. The school culture encourages the practice of trust and respect giving the children the freedom to arrive at their responsibilities. An open and friendly relationship is shared between children and adults.

Student Council

All children belong to one of 4 different houses which are Orion, Andromeda, Perseus and Cassiopeia. Competition among these houses is quite intense during the Sports Festival and Inter House Culturals.
Student Council is elected by the student body of the Secondary section after examining the role required to be played by each member and voting from among the candidates nominated for who they consider the best for it. The Student Council comprise children from classes 10, 11 and 12. School Pupil Leader, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and the Captains and Vice-captains of the four Houses form the Student Council. They work to anchor their approach in the principles of INCLUSION, PARTICIPATION & CONSENSUS. They play an active part in the organization of Annual Sports Festival in the school. The Interschool Football Tournament is organized entirely by them. The Student Council also conducts a short assembly every Friday to share with the student body discussions and decisions taken in the Council meetings.

Student Council for the Year 2024 – 2025

School Pupil Leader – Varun Girish
Cultural Secretary – Eka Vishnu Kachibhatla
Sports Secretary – S Kailash