student activities

Sports Festival

The Sports Festival at Abacus is a three day event and includes various indoor and outdoor games, track and field events. Indoor games include carrom, chess and table tennis. Basketball, football, kho kho, cricket and badminton are the outdoor games. The field events that children participate in are cricket ball throw, shot-put, long jump and high jump. The track events include running races, relay races and hurdles.

The events for the children of the Elementary include obstacle races, running races, long jump, shot-put, carrom, chess and table tennis.

Club Day

On Club Day the children of the Secondary display their learning from the various clubs that they have taken part in over the year to which they invite their parents.

Inter house culturals

It happens on Children's Day and is organized by the students of Class 10. The children take part in various competitions such as dance, western music, costume designing, sandcastle, treasure hunt, cooking, best out of waste, ad-zap.

Outstation Excursions

Children make annual week long trips to various places including the four southern states and Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, Kolkata among others. They go trekking and experience village life as well.

Inter School Football Tournament

An Inter School Football Tournament is hosted by the Student Council once a year. The Student Council run the tournament in its entirety, inviting participating schools, planning and arranging the logistics and raising funds.


ConcertThe Annual Concert is a festive event scheduled towards the end of the academic year. It is a two day event and the elementary and secondary concerts are showcased separately. During the concert, children display the skills they mastered through the performing arts classes. Performing arts for the Elementary and Secondary include Mridangam, Recorder, Drums, Kalaripayattu, Folk Dances, Music and Drama. The faculty for these classes are professionals in various fields like folk dance, theatre and music. Class 11 puts up a School Play which is also scheduled in the third term. All the children participate in the concert.

Interschool Culturals and Sports

Sports festivalAbacus participates in interschool culturals and sports on invitation. Students take part in various competitions like Debate, Drama Fest, Western Music, Lexicon, Photography, etc. They get a good exposure and enjoy the experience. Interschool participation is coordinated by the Sports Secretary and the Cultural Secretary.


Assemblies are held periodically in the Secondary to celebrate festivals, listen to guest speakers, perform class assemblies, conduct elections and meetings. Various artists, performers, story tellers and scientists share their stories and talents with the children. The assemblies end with the singing of the National Anthem. Weekly assemblies are conducted by the student council and start with the chanting of school prayer in unison. Announcements are made and birthdays for the week are sung for.

Student Council are free to address any issues with the rest of the student body and share decisions taken at student council meetings.